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Route 66 RVS How to Videos

How to Dump your RV Black and Gray Tanks

RV waste and gray (shower/hand washing) water is keep in your sealed holding tanks until you can connect a hose and dump or drain them. This video will show you how to dump your holding tanks when they near capacity. It is recommended you use disposable gloves and have disinfecting wipes handy when you dump your holding tanks.

How to Install Protective Screens to Keep Mud Daubers Out

When you park your RV, whether at home or campsite, it is highly recommended you cover critical openings like your refrigerator, furnance and hot water vents. Otherwise, the mud daubers, cockroaches, wasps and flying insects will happily plug up everything causing costly repairs.

How to Setup Auto-Scan on your TV

In this video, we show you how to use the auto-scan feature on your T.V. to get all the channels you can get. We also show how to set up your sound system and stereo in your unit and explain Zone 1 and Zone 2, your inside and outside speakers.

Propane Tanks and Appliances

Propane allows you to keep food cold, cook, heat and provide warm water in your RV. The following appliances can use propane: refrigerator, furnace, stove, oven and water heater. A refrigerator and water heater may have an electric option. This video will show you how to use your propane tanks and RV appliance’s.

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